Top of elbrus 5642

Europe's highest peak is waiting for its heroes. Let's go!
July, 18 — 26, 2020
990 EUR
8/10 spots left
Double rooms in a hotel
Breakfast and dinner in the hotel and lunch-box for trekking
All transfers plus ski-pass for a cable-road to 3800
Accomodation 3800
Alpine hut on 3800 meteres
Special invitation that will help you to get Russian visa for free
Climbing without heavy backpacks
Steam room
Russian banya after coming down
Extreme insurance
Special climbing insurance
The first 3 nights and the last night before leaving our team will spend in comfort double-rooms of "Snejnyi Bars" Hotel. There are WiFi, pool and table-tennis, sauna and restaurant.

On 3800 altitude we will spent 5 nights in a cozy alpine hut near the last station of a cable-road.
There are gas for cooking and a generator for light and charging devices.
Arriving in Mineralnye Vody before 2 pm / July, 18; departure after 10 am / July, 26

Day 1

Up to 2 pm meeting at the airport or railway station in Mineralnye Vody. Road to Terskol (2125 m.) and check in a Hotel.
Dinner, introducing with guides and plans in the evening.
Altitude gain: 2000 m.
Distance 500 m.

Day 2

Acclimatization trekking to the "Peak Terskol" observatory at a height of 3127 m. On the way you can refresh yourself in the icy water of the waterfall "Girl's Tears".
Height gain: 1000 m.
Distance: 10 km.

Day 3

We go up to Cheget, and on the way we look at the cafe "Ai", where famous Russian author Yuri Vizbor liked to spend time. At the last station of a cable road we'll eat "hychin"(famous local dish) with a stunning view of Elbrus (3000 m) and if the strength remains we'll climb to the top (3400 m). In the evening we will rent the necessary equipment and prepare the backpacks for the 3800 m.
Height gain: 1000 - 1300 m.
Distance: 12 - 15 km.

Day 4

We are going up to Garabashi station (3800 m) with equipment by cable car. We are accommodated in a n alpine hut and if desired we will walk to famous "Shelter 11" (4050 m). In the evening we have dinner and prepare equipment.
Height gain: 1700 - 1900 m.
Distance: 1 - 5 km.

Day 5

Acclimatization trekking to the Pastukhov's rocks (4700 m). As far as the group is ready we can climb up to 5000 m. In the evening we have a rest: hot tea, guitar songs and movies.
Height gain: 900 - 1200 m.
Distance: 7 km.

Day 6

A day of rest. We will take lessons on snow and ice training, train to walk in crampons and in a bunch, move on the railing and practice the technique of self-containment on the slope. In the afternoon we prepare equipment, and at 18.00 we go to bed to go at midnight to climb.
Height gain: 0 m.
Distance: 0.5 km.

Day 7 (the top - 5642)

There are two options: we can start at 1 am and go by foot to the top of Mount Elbrus, or you can start at 4 am and take a snow tractor, which will take us to 4800 meters. The last option will save you a lot of effort and 3-4 hours of walking. We meet dawn on the Pastukhov's rocks, and on the top we will be about 9-11 am, depending on the pace of climbing. The descent will take 3 - 5 hours. At the hut after the descent we take apart the equipment, have dinner and rest.
Altitude gain: 1800 m.
Distance: 15 km.

If you make a successful climb, after we go down to Terskol and have as much fun as we can. We will definitely go to the banya (russian sauna), and in the evening we will have a celebration!

Day 8

Spare day in case of bad weather. If everything goes according to plan, we use this day to rest, buy souvenirs and go to the sauna.

Day 9

After breakfast, we pack our bags and go to Mineralnye Vody.

The program may be changed depending on the weather, the condition of participants and other factors.
The decision to stop climbing in conditions that threaten the safety of participants is the exclusive competence of the guide, and is not subject to discussion.
As a result of acclimatization and training, the guide has the right to refuse the final climb of Elbrus.

July 2017
Ascent on top of Elbrus
Climbing Elbrus team of entrepreneurs from Russia.
Sergey Chalyi
Alpine guide
From early childhood I was instilled with a love of nature, mountains and sports. And for 10 years now I have been doing it professionally. It all started with sports tourism, climbing and continues to this day mountaineering. There are about 30 climbs to the Western and Eastern peaks of Mount Elbrus in 6 seasons.
Slava Gorev
Once you've been to the top, you want to come back here again and again. It will be my 4th summer on Prielbrusye and my 4th climb to the top. Every time I get something new for me. Let's see what I will find this time.

I will help you with everything concerning organizational issues: ticketing, visa, accomodation, equipment and so on. Besides I have rich experience in mounteering, I was on top of Kazbek in Georgia (5033 m) and top of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania (5895 m). I will guiding you from your booking till we farewell in the airport back to home.
1 290 EUR 990 EUR
prepayment before 30.05.2020
comfort level
The price includes
  • Guiding (1 for each 4 climbers)
  • English-speaking tour-leader
  • Food
  • Airport transport
  • Double room in a hotel
  • Accomodation in an alpine hut
  • Ticket to a cable-road on 3800 m.
  • Ticket and permit to Elbrus National Park
  • Group registration with the Emergency service
  • Mountaineering insurance
  • Training in the basics of high-altitude mountaineering
  • Group equipment
  • Certificate of Climbing
Additional ~300 EUR
  • Flight from Moscow (~100 - 150 EUR)
  • Rental of personal equipment
  • Personal expenses
  • Prepayment — 15 000₽
  • Balance upon arrival
  • if you change your mind:
  • Until 01.06 — 100% prepayment refund;
  • From 01.06 — no refund of prepayment.
By clicking send, you agree to the collection, storage and processing of personal data.
Why climb in July?
In mid-summer the most favorable weather for climbing.
How safe is that?
Every year about 10,000 tourists come to Elbrus in the season. On a slope employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations are on duty, along dangerous areas of the trail there is a "railing" and at the same time 100-200 people go on climbing. People who die in the climbing grossly violate safety regulations, get off the trail and do not use equipment.
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How can I get a Russian visa?
We will send you an invitation letter and you can apply for visa for free in the nearest embassy or visa application centre.
What kind of equipment will you need to climb?
You will get a detailed list of equipment in the informational pack that you'll get after booking. Almost all missing equipment can be rented on site.
Do we have to prepare for climbing?
Any physically healthy person, regardless of gender, can reach the top of Elbrus. The better your fitness, the easier you can withstand stress and oxygen deprivation. Training programme and advices for preparation you'll get in the informational pack after booking.
What are the living conditions at the mountain hut?
Compared to a tent, the conditions are comfortable. This is especially noticeable in moments when there is a snowstorm outside and the wind goes off, and in the hut you can sit with a cup of hot tea and look out the window at the raging nature.
The hut is a caravan, which has a kitchen, a common table and beds. These are two-storey wooden decks, which sleep 2-3 people on the tier.
If you have to wait for the weather, you can organize your leisure time in the hut: we gather at the table, play board games, sing songs with the guitar, learn to knit mountaineering knots, discuss equipment and watch movies on the projector.
Can I use a snow tractor or snowmobile?
Usually we go to the top on our own and the cost of the snow tractor is not included. There have been cases where some participants wanted to drive part of the route on the tractor to save their energy. In this case the walking group leaves earlier and the group at the tractor later. We meet at the "saddle point". Both groups are accompanied by our guides.

There's an extra charge for a snow tractor services. You can also use one for the downhill rally.
Will there be a connection during the ascent?
Cellular communication is mostly present throughout the ascent, depending on the mobile operator.
If I didn't find the answer to my question?
Write to me in any messenger +7 900 536 56 13 and I will answer your questions individually.
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